Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Easy Decorative Foam Backsplash

So there I was again on an early Saturday morning rummaging at a rummage sale. I picked up about five items for a total of $2. Among the items I took home was a sandwich bag full of foam flower cut outs. I was sure I would find something to do with them.

At first I let my daughter stick them to the shower wall (when they are wet they just stick), so that gave me an idea. Here is my kitchen sink backsplash before...
don't look at the dirty dishes please

Here is the backsplash with the foam flowers added...
yea, dishes done!

Not to bad for a few seconds worth of time, and... I can't even do the math on what it set me back!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Elmo T-shirt

A couple of weeks ago I stopped at a garage sale and bought a bunch of crafty stuff. Among the items I bought from this little old lady who was selling her mobile home, was a large bag full of felt.

 My daughter loves Elmo, so I took one of her old onesies, cut out the shapes for Elmo's face and hand stitched them on the shirt. I think she liked it...

after she looked in the mirror

showing off to the camara
Hmmmm... what else can I do with the felt???!!!???!!
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