Sunday, December 9, 2012

Spanish Style Homes

It seems there are many who enjoy to scrolling through Spanish style homes just as much as I do. So in this post I share with you a collection of Spanish style homes, gardens and all its charm.  I will be adding more photos as I find them. Enjoy.

These first seven photos I took in a community in San Diego, CA called Mission Hills. If you are visiting San Diego, this neighborhood is worth a drive to view charming, classic Spanish style homes. The adjacent park is Presidio Park, which will give you a taste of some Spanish style and a bit of history.

is that a clown in the window???

These next photos I took from around my neighborhood. It is an community in San Diego called Kensington.

This is one of my favorites in the neighborhood. It went up for sale about a year ago and I went to the open house. It needed a lot of work on the inside, but the bones were really good bones. And yes, it is painted pink:

These next seven photos are from an estate built in 1925 in Alta Dena, California. I found these photos on 1 Kind Design:
1 Kind Design

1 Kind Design

1 Kind Design

1 Kind Design

1 Kind Design

1 Kind Design

1 Kind Design
photo from Design Sponge
photo from SDLookup
photo from SDLookup
photo from SDLookup

Tile staircases are are an enchanting feature of the Spanish style:

photo from Apartment Therapy
Home design pins
photo from Hooked on houses

photo from Bell Atelier
Ohhh, the courtyards...
photo from Jennifer Juniper Mom

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Photo for sale on Etsy by photosbyclaudia
photo from Toy Nuts

Some places to visit and explore...

Casa Del Herrero in Montecito, CA

Canary Hotel in Santa Barbara

La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs

Hope you enjoyed, and if you have photos or places to share, please send them my way!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Paper Mache Witch Hat for Halloween

Yikes! Halloween is tomorrow and Evelyn want to be a witch. I came up with everything except the hat. So here is how I made one of paper mache.
I used two paper bags, scissors, white glue, modge podge, shiny black paint, and black elastic.
I cut three layers (for strength) of ten inch, imperfect circles for the rim and glued them together. Use larger dimensions for a big kid or adult; this is for my two year old.

I used a piece of paper bag about 24" by 12" and crumpled it up.

I rolled the crumpled sheet into a cone shape and began to form the hat shape. I cut the paper on the bottom so it would fit flush on the circles.

I cut one inch slits around the bottom of the cone shape and glued it to the circle.
Then I covered the whole thing in Modge Podge and put it into the sun to dry fast.

 I cut a hole for the head.

 I painted a couple of coats of black shiny paint, let dry and added a strip of elastic by creating two holes on the sides, threaded the elastic and tied knots on the ends.

I had a black long sleeve shirt, and had found the tule skirt for 25 cents and the stockings for 25 cents at  a garage sale months ago. 

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