Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thrifty Favorite Finds of the Month! $2 or Less!

There is a large list in my head of items that I look for at garage sales or thrift stores, which helps me spot them quickly.

Here are a few finds from the last month that I bought for $2 or less...

 These glass bottles I found for 75 cents each. A collection is pretty in the sunlight and also nice for a few stems of flowers.

 This ceramic, bulbular (is that a word?) piece I found for $2. People discard their classroom projects because they end up with so many pieces or decide they have no use for them. This looks like it was a more advanced than ceramics 101 (I sure know it's not easy to create this shape on the wheel), but I thought is was an interesting, unique decor item.

Mr. Gnome was faded when I found him at a thrift store for $1.95, but after I painted his hat and his buttons red, he had new life.

Any time I find mason jars, I for sure pick them up. There are soooo many uses for them. These were scored 8 for $1. Actually, the guy threw in a couple other items too, so less than $1 :)

This vintage vase was only 25 cents!!

These antique shoe horns caught my eye for only $2 for the pair. They're neat as decor, or I might hang them on the wall and use them as coat hooks.

Afghans are almost a for sure find at estate sales. They can add color, texture and softness to a room in an instant. This colorful one was $2.

I always look through the jewelry. Accessories can change your wardrobe, and at the very least, its fun for the kids to dress up with costume jewelry.

Good luck with your finds!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Felt Birthday Cake

My daughter, Evelyn, is turning two in a couple weeks. I saw this idea over at Skip to My Lou, and thought it was pretty cute, especially because when she sees a birthday cake she starts singing , "Happy Birthday to you..." and then blows the candles. 

Here's how I did my version...

I had two small plate boxes that I had saved.

 Lots of felt from a garage sale

 I cut cream colored strips for frosting around the sides and glued them on

I cut circles for the frosting on the tops and glued them on

I glued the top to the bottom

Added colored frosting strips 

Yeah! Confetti sprinkles!

A bag of embroidery thread, also from a garage sale, for the stripes on the candles

 The flame is orange and yellow felt cut in tear drop-like shapes

Then I glued the candles to the cake at first, but of course Evelyn pulled them off.
 So I used velcro. Then you can add as little or as many candles as you have wishes for.

Happy 2nd Birthday Evelyn!! Don't worry, you'll still get a real cake.

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