Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Paper Mache Witch Hat for Halloween

Yikes! Halloween is tomorrow and Evelyn want to be a witch. I came up with everything except the hat. So here is how I made one of paper mache.
I used two paper bags, scissors, white glue, modge podge, shiny black paint, and black elastic.
I cut three layers (for strength) of ten inch, imperfect circles for the rim and glued them together. Use larger dimensions for a big kid or adult; this is for my two year old.

I used a piece of paper bag about 24" by 12" and crumpled it up.

I rolled the crumpled sheet into a cone shape and began to form the hat shape. I cut the paper on the bottom so it would fit flush on the circles.

I cut one inch slits around the bottom of the cone shape and glued it to the circle.
Then I covered the whole thing in Modge Podge and put it into the sun to dry fast.

 I cut a hole for the head.

 I painted a couple of coats of black shiny paint, let dry and added a strip of elastic by creating two holes on the sides, threaded the elastic and tied knots on the ends.

I had a black long sleeve shirt, and had found the tule skirt for 25 cents and the stockings for 25 cents at  a garage sale months ago. 

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