Friday, August 10, 2012

6 Easy Scrapbook Paper Ideas (other than scrapbooking)

I have this box of scrapbook paper that I purchased for $4 at a garage sale with no intent of using it for  scrapbooking. I have never even made any kind of a scrapbook. Why did I buy it? For all the colorful graphic patterns on printed paper that I couldn't pass up, that's why. There are soooo many things to do with pretty paper.  Here are some cute paper patterns I liked: "Happy Camper""Dots and Stripes""The Pier""Here and Now"

Here are 6 uses for scrapbook paper that are easy and fun.

1) Paper Fan
It's the middle of summer and everyone could use a fan. This idea I found on Martha. Stay cool and  make one or a bunch for that next bbq.

Things you will need:
scrapbook paper
straight edge
skewers, popsicle sticks, or chopsticks 

Start by folding the paper accordion style. Varying the sizes of the paper and the widths of the folds gives you different size fans. Somewhere between 1/2 inch and 1 inch are good width to start with.

Fold in half and staple in the middle on the fold (not perpendicular to the fold).

Cut each corner at a 45ish degree angle

Glue the fold together. You can use the stapler for extra hold.

Do this whole process again and glue/staple the two "fans" together.

Add the holder using skewers, popsicle sticks or chopsticks with glue. I used 2 holders for the big fans and only 1 holder for the smaller ones.

Now glue the sides together and pin until it is dry.

There you have it... a cool, breezy summer!

2) Decoupaged Clothespins

 This project has been all over the crafty blogs for a while, so I've been wanting to make these to make hanging the laundry more fun, if that's at all possible. Sheets smell so fresh when they are dried on a clothesline.

Things you will need:
scrapbook paper
wooden clothespins 
Modge Podge (or white glue)
straight edge
craft/paint brush

Make strips of the scrapbook paper by measuring or tracing the clothespin. Use the xacto knife and straight edge to cut straight strips.

Paint some Modge Pod on the wood of one side of the clothespin.

Put the strip on the clothespin and brush more Modge Podge on the top. Repeat on the opposite side and let dry. You can use another coat or two of Modge Podge for a better finish.


3)Decoupaged Shelf

These shelves are in my daughter's closet. They were sort of white and all scratched up. I decided to decoupage them to make the closet less boring and more colorful and fun.

Things you will need:
scrapbook paper
straight edge
xacto knife
Modge Podge
craft/paint brush

I started by picking out about 5 different patterns of paper.

 I cut different sized squares and rectangles and laid them randomly and overlapping.  I used Modge Podge to adhere them to the shelf.

Much more fun!

4)Drawer Liner

All you need for this is a dresser, scrapbook paper and glue.
I laid 3 sheets of paper adjacent to each other with just a little bit of glue to keep the sheets from sliding around. It's an easy way to pretty up your dresser drawers. Super easy.

5)Ring Holder

This idea came from the book, "Decorating With Papercraft," by Clare Youngs. I thought it was a neat idea and had to make it. 

Things you will need:
scrapbook paper
1/4 inch foam core board 
xacto knife
glue stick or white glue
emory board

First trace your hand on the foam core board or use the template provided by "Decorating with Papercraft." I borrowed a copy from the library. You can do the same or purchase from Amazon. A used copy is as low as $6.95. 

Use your xacto knife to cut out the hand shape. This was a little difficult to get perfect, but that's where the emory board works to file the rough edges. 

Make sure when you cut that you leave space of about 1/8 inch between the fingers so that rings will fit.

Trace the the foam core hand onto the back of your paper of choice. Cut out the hand. The shape should be pretty close to the foam core hand. 

Now turn the foam core hand over and trace again and cut out. This will be for the back. 

For the support, cut out an almost 90 degree triangle on the foam core board, about half the height of the hand. Almost 90 degrees so that the hand will look like it is standing straight up but since you will have made a slightly less than 90 degree triangle, the hand will slightly tilt so it won't tip over.
Trace the foam core triangle on the paper and cut out. Turn the foam core triangle over, trace and cut out. Glue the paper triangles to the foam core triangles.

Glue the triangle to the hand as shown in the photo below. White glue works best for glueing edges of foam core board. Run glue on the edge and wipe excess with your finger. Wait a minute for the glue to dry slightly then attach.

Lastly, add your rings!

Paper Flowers

My nephew, Antonio, made these paper flowers after looking through the "Decorating With Papercraft." 

Things you will need:
scrapbook paper
newspaper or old book paper

He started by glueing two sheets of scrapbook paper together, (so both sides would have a pattern) then cut out petal shapes of three different sizes, small, medium, and large.

From the book paper, he cut a strip of paper about two inches wide. He cut perpendicular cuts leaving about 1/2 inch, so at the end not cut.

Rolling and glueing makes the inside of the flower.

He added the petals securing them with glue and tape, starting with the small size first. 

He added a button for the center with glue.

Cute, no?

If you have a great scrapbook paper idea, I'd like to see it!

Thanks for visiting!


  1. I like everything you did with scrapbook paper. The design, colors, and patterns of scrapbook paper added life to everything!

    Jake Grant

  2. Very clever, you are very talented.


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