Monday, February 20, 2012

T-shirt bracelets

My niece, Alysia, who is nine, came over this weekend to hang out for a while. I thought I would show her how to make some easy t-shirt bracelets she could make for herself and her friends. 
There are a lot of variations on these bracelets, but this is super easy if you know how to braid.
All you need is some old clean t-shirts, scissors, and a safety pin. If you want to add embellishments, like flowers, you would also need needle and thread, and whatever you want to add, like felt for the flowers.  First we cut three strips of t-shirt about a foot in length each. Alysia used two red strips and one brown strip.

Next, we made little holes or slits on one end of each of the strips to thread the other ends through for when we finished braiding. Then, we used a safety pin to pin the holey end to our sneakers. We braided like we would our hair.

The end of the braids was then threaded through the holes we made, and then into a knot.  We tried it out by putting it on her wrist then doubled it up.

Here's the cute model:

Alysia wanted to add something else, so we cut out felt flowers, and sewed them on with needle and thread. We made the center of the flower with thread as we attached it to the bracelet.

Ta da!!!

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